Dressing for success is more than a mantra, it should be the way you tackle every day. A well designed, well-worn suit is one of the most important outfits you can have in your wardrobe. From inspiring confidence to a lasting first impression that will follow you around, we’ve compiled the top reasons to inspire you to add the perfect suit to your wardrobe. A dark navy suit with a crisp, well-fitted white button shirt and a plum tie make for a seamless power suit ($895).

  1. Your outfit sends a message. A suit is a strong visual statement. From the clean lines to the polished buttons, suits exude the same message: Power and confidence. There couldn’t be a better statement. Michael W. Kraus, an assistant professor of organizational behavior at the Yale School of Management performed a study in 2014 that proved that suits correlated to a more competitive edge. First impressions can be competitive, let 1812 Society help you make one to put you above the competition.
  2. Shows respect for yourself, the company and everyone you interact with.
  3. Boosts your self-confidence. There’s nothing like slipping into a suit created just for you to feel like a million dollars. You’ll be happier, friendlier, and more productive at work if you’re feeling good about yourself.
  4. Keeps you productive. A well-tailored suit can be comfortable, but it still isn’t the attire you would sport for a day on the couch. That means you won’t feel lazy while showing off a suit at work.
  5. Shows you have an eye for detail and take pride in yourself. If you’re perfectly put together, it is apparent to any that gaze at you that you care about yourself right down to the smallest detail. From a client to a CEO, they’ll recognize that same attention to detail will be present in your work.

This one is a bonus, but dressing to the nines is fun. If you think back to your childhood, we’re sure there is a tucked away memory of slipping into your dad’s suit jackets and penny loafers.

Invest in yourself, invest in your career, and invest in your wardrobe with an 1812 Society suit.