Terms & Conditions

Merchandise ordered and purchased from 1812 Society, Ltd (“1812 Society”) is subject to the following terms and conditions of sale (the “Terms & Conditions”). By placing an order from 1812 Society, you, the buyer, agree that the Terms & Conditions will apply to your order. Some merchandise may be sold subject to additional terms and conditions that are separately disclosed to you when you order such merchandise.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations prior to delivery are subject to the following cancellation policies. Once orders have been delivered, the cancellation policies no longer apply and you should refer to our policies concerning returns, remakes, and alterations.

To cancel an order without charge, you must notify 1812 Society in writing as specified in the “Contact” section below no later than midnight of the third business day after the date your order was placed. You may use the form of Notice of Cancellation included with your electronic Order Confirmation (or provided separately by the professional clothier who took your order) or any other form of written notice that includes your name, your address, and the date of purchase. Any order cancellation requests that do not comply with these requirements shall be ineffective.

If for any reason the merchandise you ordered is no longer available, 1812 Society may cancel your order, in whole or in part, and refund your deposit with respect to such cancelled merchandise in full without any further liability to you.

Return Policy

1812 Society sells both custom order merchandise and non-custom order merchandise. “Custom orders” include (i) custom tailored garments and (ii) accessories that have custom order components. “Non-custom orders” include all merchandise other than custom orders. Unless otherwise cancelled in accordance with these Terms & Conditions, all sales of custom order garments and accessories that conform to their specifications are final and non-refundable. Non-conforming custom order merchandise will be handled in accordance with 1812 Society’s policies concerning remakes and alterations.

Non-custom order merchandise may be returned for a refund (less a restocking fee equal to 10% of the purchase price), provided that any such return is made within 30 days of delivery and such merchandise is unworn and in the original packaging. 1812 Society is not responsible for shipping or risk of loss during transit. Returns must be sent, postage prepaid, to: 1812 Society 139 E Main St Suite 402 Columbus, OH 43215

Remake/Alteration Policy

In the event of a production or measurement error by 1812 Society, 1812 Society may, at its election, remake the affected merchandise or make reasonable alterations to the affected merchandise so that the merchandise conforms to the original specifications. 1812 Society will make the full and final decisions when determining if there was an error in the production or measurement of a garment. If 1812 Society elects not to remake or alter the affected merchandise, you may return the merchandise for a full refund.

All remakes or alterations of non-conforming merchandise will conform to the ORIGINAL specifications in the original custom order. 1812 Society is not required to accept any subsequent amendment to the specifications in the original order and reserves the right to decline to accept any such requests. If you request any change to the original order that is not deemed necessary by the clothier who handled your order, 1812 Society may charge additional fees in order to accommodate your requested change and the sale will immediately become final, with no refund or additional remake or alteration possible. Without limiting the foregoing, you will be responsible for the cost of any remakes or alterations necessitated by any fluctuation in your weight, height, or structure after your original order is placed. You will not receive any refund, credit, or other allowance if you request changes that reduce the cost of the affected merchandise.

Payment Policy

1812 Society requires a deposit of 50% of the total invoice amount before releasing an order into production. The remaining balance is due and payable at the time of delivery.

Delivery/Abandoned Merchandise

Projected delivery dates are estimated and are not guaranteed. In the event that one or more items of your order are delayed due to circumstances beyond 1812 Society’s control, such as a fabric delay or an item being out of stock, 1812 Society reserves the right to deliver any items that are available and to collect the remaining balance for those items that were delivered, leaving the balance due to include only the delayed items.

1812 Society will attempt to contact you to arrange delivery once your order is in stock and will use the contact information you have provided for that purpose. If 1812 Society has made a good faith effort to deliver merchandise to you but has been unable to do so for 30 days after first attempting to contact you, 1812 Society reserves the right to charge the remaining balance to your credit card (if applicable) or to bill you for the balance. Thereafter, the merchandise will be shipped to 1812 Society’s corporate office, where it will be held for at least 120 days. To claim the merchandise, you will be responsible for arranging delivery and for any risk of loss. If you have not claimed the merchandise within such 120-day period, 1812 Society may dispose of the merchandise as it sees fit.


Your acceptance of merchandise that is delivered to you confirms your acknowledgement of and satisfaction with the delivered merchandise. Any and all questions, concerns, or disputes concerning the delivered merchandise must be communicated to 1812 Society in writing as specified in the “Contact” section below no later than ninety (90) days after the later of (i) the date on which 1812 Society first contacts you to arrange delivery or (ii) the date of actual delivery if such date is within 30 days of the date specified in the foregoing clause (i). 1812 Society is not obligated to issue any refund, allow any exchange, or make any alteration that relates to an issue first raised after such 90-day period.

Consent to Receive Electronic Communications

Unless you request otherwise, 1812 Society will send Order Confirmations and other communications to you in electronic form using the e-mail address you provide. If you have consented to receive communications via e-mail, it is your responsibility to advise 1812 Society if you change your preferred e-mail address. Your consent to receive electronic communications from 1812 Society is requested at the time you place an order, and you are asked to read these Terms & Conditions, which include the following disclosures: (i) you have the right to receive Order Confirmations and other communications from 1812 Society in non-electronic form, and you may withdraw your consent to receive such communications in electronic form at any time with respect to subsequent communications; (ii) your consent to receive electronic communications from 1812 Society applies to the Order Confirmation and any and all other communications related to the particular order for which you gave such consent; (iii) you may withdraw your consent to receive electronic communications or update the e-mail address and other information 1812 Society needs to contact you electronically by contacting 1812 Society Customer service in writing as specified in the “Contact” section below; and (iv) you may obtain a paper copy of any communication from 1812 Society upon request, and at no charge, by contacting 1812 Society Customer service by telephone or in writing as specified in the “Contact” section below. Order Confirmations and other communications may be delivered as PDF attachments and may require Adobe Reader to open. If you do not already have Adobe Reader, you may download it for free at http://get.adobe.com/reader/.